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Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian. Hergé

Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian. Hergé

Georges Remi alias Hergé (Belgium 1907 – 1983) was a multiply talented artist and the creator of the world-famous character Tintin.

In nine sections, filled with original drawings, sketches, paintings, and documents, this exhibition deciphers the art of this creative genius inspired by the various artistic movements of his time_ Pop Art, Abstract Art or Minimalism_ as well as ancient civilizations and African art. Inspirations which subsequently got reflected in his multifaceted works: illustrations, cartoons, newspaper advertising, fashion design and painting.

Considered as "Romanticist of the image", Hergé stood out in the Ninth Art for his recourse to simple and precise lines and for adopting the irreplicable "clear line" and the "ellipse". This exhibition represents a unique opportunity to discover the less well-known facets of his production, such as his incursions into painting, his sources of inspiration (ranging from Dürer to Miró), works in his private collection (including Fontana and Andy Warhol who portrayed him), his brilliant career as an advertising graphic designer and his close bonds to cinema and history.


OCTOBER 1, 2021 - JANUARY 10, 2022