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David Zwirner Paris. Isa Genzken

David Zwirner Paris. Isa Genzken

With a career spanning more than four decades, Isa Genzken has incessantly probed the shifting boundaries between art, design, architecture, media, technology, and the individual. Her prodigious oeuvre frequently incorporates seemingly disparate materials and imagery to create complex, enigmatic works that range in media, including sculpture, painting, collage, drawing, film, and photography. Deeply attuned to both the legacies of the twentieth-century avant-garde and the materials and forms of twenty-first-century global society, Genzken's work​ viscerally ​interrogates the impact of our increasingly commodified and interconnected culture on our everyday lives.

The show will feature an installation of Genzken's recent "tower" sculptures. At once makeshift and monumental, these architectonic forms consist of vertical structures of medium-density fiberboard adorned with mirror foil, spray paint, and other media, complicating the distinctions between interior and exterior space.

This exhibition is the artist's fifth solo exhibition with David Zwirner. It coincides with a major presentation of Genzken's early work at the Kunstmuseum Basel. 



AUGUST 29 – OCTOBER 10, 2020