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Fondazione Prada Milan. Who's Online!

Fondazione Prada Milan. Who's Online!

Who's Online! is an online experience that can be accessed on a mobile phone via the following link:

This unique digital platform was conceived in close collaboration with the artist Simon Fujiwara as part of his major exhibition Who the Bær, on view at Fondazione Prada's Milan venue until 27 September 2021.


Who's Online!


Who's Online! aims to offer an interactive tour into the world of Who the Bær - the original cartoon character Fujiwara created in 2020. Using a specially developed technique that presents the exhibition tour as a user-driven, stop-frame animation, audiences can dive into a coming-of-age story about a cartoon bear in search of an authentic self in the world of images.

While the physical exhibition Who the Bær brings viewers into a giant, bear-shaped labyrinthine cardboard structure, the interactive digital experience broadens the scope of the show with detailed images, animation and interviews with the artist. In this way, it offers unprecedented perspectives into the original universe of Who the Baer.