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The Apocalypse of the White Elephant

The Apocalypse of the White Elephant

We are glad to have the opportunity to present an international exhibition of 43 artists in Garnisona in Temesvar / Romania.

META Spatiu, SEPALE and 12-14 contemporary are cooperating for the exhibitional project "Apocalipsa elefantului alb / The apocalypse of the white elephant", a project we have worked with in the last years and we launched last year with a series of interventions titled BIOHAZARD – activation, an exhibition and which took place in several art spaces în Timișoara. This year we plan an ample exhibition in a central location – which formerly served as a military base.

The artworks of 43 international artists will, together with the art talks and screenings, focus on anthropic themes and the need to adapt to the climate urgency we are just beginning to see as part of our lives.


We witness a stage in our evolution as a species that coincides with the moment defined as the point of no return in climate changes. The impact on our lives cannot be ignored anymore, as the effects of human actions on the environment are already irreversible. If until now the focus has been, more or less critically, on stopping the gamage, now it becomes increasingly clear that the only solution is to transform, on all levels.

This translates as regarding crisis rather as a moment of adaptation, of continuity against all odds, of evolution and transformation.

The apocalypse of the white elephant

Dates 5 August – 5 September 2021
Location Timișoara, Comenduirea Garnizoanei, Libertății square no. 5


Marilena Preda Sânc * Andreea Medar * Delia Popa * h.arta * Silvia Moldovan * kinema ikon * Cătălin Bătrânu * Dan Perjovschi * Mimi Ciora * Sergiu Sas * Just wondering * Cosmin Haiaș * Claudiu Cobilanschi * Iulia Toma * Ana Kun * Stefan Radu Cretu * Lili Mercioiu * Alexandra Boaru * Dorian Bolca * Matei Bejenaru * Dona Arnakis * Bogdan Matei * Patricia Teodorescu * Alex Boca * Denise Schellmann * Daniela Brill * Àgnes Hamvas * Rafael Lippuner * Hubert Hasler * Michael Koch * Eva Maria Schartmüller * Robert Reszner * Max Jurasch * Markus Guschelbauer *

Curatorial team Mălina Ionescu, Denise Parizek, Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduți