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Ho Tzu Nyen at Sharjah Biennial 14 Recibidos

Ho Tzu Nyen at Sharjah Biennial 14 Recibidos

Edouard Malingue Gallery is delighted to share Ho Tzu Nyen’s participation in Sharjah Biennial 14 (SB14): ‘Leaving the Echo Chamber’. SB14 features three distinct exhibitions by curators Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif and Claire Tancons.

Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) will feature over 80 established and emerging artists from around the globe, over 60 major new commissions and many never-before-seen works in the upcoming Sharjah Biennial. Open to the public from 7 March to 10 June 2019, the fourteenth edition of the Sharjah Biennial (SB14), 'Leaving the Echo Chamber', will explore the possibilities and purpose of producing art when news is fed by a monopoly of sources, history is increasingly fictionalised, when ideas of ‘society’ are invariably displaced, and when borders and beliefs are dictated by cultural, social and political systems.

Ho Tzu Nyen presents ‘The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, vol. 4: R for Resonance’ (2019) in Zoe Butt’s exhibition ‘Journey Beyond The Arrow’ which seeks to illuminate the necessity of exchange and diversity across the globe and throughout human history. The artists in this exhibition investigate the historical context of the ‘bow’, which reveals the ‘arrow’ of humanity’s echo—an echo of the diversity of all our activity in relation to language, memory, belief, ritual, and cultural and social practice.