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Laura Pausini to Release Album "Hazte sentir" in Guatemala

Laura Pausini to Release Album "Hazte sentir" in Guatemala

Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini is anxious to release in Guatemala her new album ''Hazte sentir'' and celebrate 25 years of successful artistic career.
Although Pausini confesses that it has not been easy to accumulate this rich trajectory, she assures that she has never surrendered to obstacles, nor considers music as a means to generate material wealth.

'I feel very fortunate, always with my feet on the ground,' she says while explaining that when she writes a song it is because she needs it, feels it and lives it in her hands and soul.

With the release of 'Hazte sentir' in Guatemala on August 6, the singer invites the audience to be themselves, without fear, without hiding their defects, through 14 songs in which their protagonists must make a decision that can be very deep or light.

Pausini is considered at all times a simple and natural person, the reason why her fans admires her on stage.

The world premiere of 'Hazme sentir' was on March 16, and now the singer arrives in Guatemala as part of a tour with previous stops in her native Italy, the United States and Mexico.

'This album is an invitation to accompany me on a new path, as the cover suggests: a look at those who cover my back, those who make me feel loved, protected and supported, with the promise of a path that starts from here,' has commented Pausini about the album's striking cover.