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Laurent Grasso Film Screening this week

Laurent Grasso Film Screening this week

Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong is pleased to present a focused series of film screenings bringing together, for a one week period at a time, five artists working between Asia and the West. Beginning 12 June and the third artist in the Film Screening Programme is Laurent Grasso (b.1972, France).

Oscillating between multiple temporalities as well as geographies, Laurent Grasso engages our notions of time and locale, creating work that tests our knowledge in a manner tending on the epistemological. Presenting two films, ‘Soleil Noir’ (2014) and ‘Uraniborg’ (2012), the artist looks to weave a metaphysical tapestry through the unique perspectives of historic fantasy. The former offers a slowly panning aerial perspective of a fallen Pompeii, viewed from this distance; the sheer scale of the ruins stand as a testament to human progress, or as the smoking earth suggests, perhaps the futility of such. The latter, casts its contrasting gaze upwards into the cosmos through the narrative lens of the devoted astronomer Tycho Brahe who takes on a mythical status in his quest to map the light of long-dead stars.