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Ludwig Museum. Stephan Kaluza

Ludwig Museum. Stephan Kaluza

The photographic works of the artist and author Stephan Kaluza (* 1964) narrate the interaction between man and nature. Human activity transformed many places into fated places; dreary meadows and fields became symbols of a European era, such as the battlefields of Waterloo and Verdun or the memorial sites of the Holocaust in Auschwitz. Which deeper primal fears, but also desires and longings are hidden behind these images of a supposed idyll, manifesting itself in the form of a carefree nature, which here resembles a 'nunc stans', a timeless now? Thus, the depicted landscapes appear strangely distant, taken out of time, yet so familiar in their normality, trained and captured in a "daily grind of seeing" that Kaluza uses here for his deeper message - the transience of human trade between the parameters of time and nature.

Corresponding to these photo series, Kaluza also developed a further view on nature in his painting - a representation of the "layering" of light and matter. Thus, painting and photography pursue a constant concept - the questioning of the idyll in a historical and contemporary context.

The artist studied painting and art history in Düsseldorf. From 2002, he devoted his energy increasingly to the medium of photography and literature.

20 large-format photographic works and as many paintings will be exhibited.

The Speakers at the Opening will be:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Margit Theis-Scholz (Department Head of Culture for the city of Koblenz)

Dieter Nuhr (Artist, Comedian and Author)

Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid (Director, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz)

Musical Accompaniment: Thilo Willach, Saxophone


Duration of the Exhibition

January 28 - MARCH 18, 2018