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New Generation Barbie in La Nave

New Generation Barbie in La Nave

In the context of the celebrations for the centenary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Portugal, in the exhibition space La Nave, belonging to the Genesis. Art Galleries company, is open to the public Generation Barbie, an exhibition of the Lusitanian artist living in Havana, Eurico Borges.

Ten years ago, when half a century after the appearance of the first copy of the statuette that later became an icon, a homonymous exhibition was made in Barcelona in which interpretations of fifty women who had gained relevance in Spain could be seen, thanks to his successful performance in different professions.

The recently inaugurated, for its part, is inspired by women of the black race, presumably from underdeveloped countries; counterposing them to the canons of beauty and consumption imposed by the West, in particular by the United States.

The stylized and blonde doll, shares space with female nudes in the ten large-format works that make up the show, inserted in scenes in which the inherent precariousness of those who in their childhood were never able to reach a similar toy is also perceptible.


New Generation Barbie in La Nave


The selection of jute as support, which the artist uses again for the use of mixed technic, reinforces on this occasion a reference to African cultures, their way of living and lack of resources. In the same way, a greater attachment to figurative realism is noticeable in this exhibition than that which could be seen in other Borges projects in the Greater Antilles, such as the title Entre Eҫa de Queirós and José Martí, presented at the Carmen Montilla gallery in the capital, in March 2013.

After residing in several European nations such as Portugal, France, Spain, Holland and Germany, the artist settled in Cuba in 2011, a country from which he has tried to assimilate his culture and philosophy of solidarity and respect for the human being, as expressed more than once to the press.

Since his first exhibition in 1972, he has exhibited his work in the countries where he has lived; being selected for different events of the visual arts in the Old Continent. Generación Barbie will be open to the public in La Nave gallery until July 30 next.