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Pedro Peña Art Gallery. Collective Exhibition

Pedro Peña Art Gallery. Collective Exhibition

We are pleased to share with all of you the New Collective Exhibition of the artist Pedro Peña, Paula Vincenti and María Egea.

This english expression is a metaphor that not only implies thinking in a distinguished or unique manner, but relates to the creative mental process of certain individuals.

Thus, we are referencing the use of divergent thought, througt which we generate new ideas. Remote from one unidirectional focus, María Egea, Paula Vincenti and Pedro Peña present an exhibition curated by Elena Caranca at SO WHAT Studio in the Polígono Industrial La Campana, that will take place during the months of August and September. The thread drives this exposition is this type of notion, found in the personality of their creators and that attempts to highlight their lack of conformity, their curiosity, perseverance and will to asume risks via their pieces.