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SACO8´s main exhibition until september 5th

SACO8´s main exhibition until september 5th

In exhibition until September 5th are the works of artists selected from among 226 proposals in 32 countries from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, all winners in the international call from the SACO8 Contemporary Art Festival. The solicitation invited artists from all around the world to prepare projects reflecting upon “destiny” as well as the Melbourne Clark pier in Antofagasta, a city situated in the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert.

“Despite the unconformity and the roughness of the winning proposals, their unquestionable beauty brings us hope in the face of destiny. There is no beauty without wisdom, and it is there that we find refuge when faced with the threat of apocalypse. We hope these seven works can illuminate with ideas a variety of piers, paths and walkways”, stressed the festival´s director, Dagmara Wyskiel.

The most awaited exhibition of the festival is composed of seven site specific artworks made exclusively for this pier, a historic and public place which is annually converted into a stage for contemporary art.