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Solo show BOB-NOSA. "Police Brutality"

Solo show BOB-NOSA. "Police Brutality"

"The significance of Bob-Nosa as an artist is that no past or present artist in Nigeria has dedicated so much of his art practice to protest art like him. While others may boast of a few Protest art or their ideological protests, Bob-Nosa devotes his whole career to creating works of art that speak to societal problems. He is not among the artists of the time who make art in service of today’s contemporary consumer culture. Most artists now create works that do not offend those who cut the cake.

Bob-Nosa protest voice is steady, not finding his preoccupation boring, perhaps because of the impact factor of his work. For an artist to focus his whole practice and message on one theme is to invite dreariness if he lacks the skill to navigate the labyrinths. The evolving nature of Bob-Nosa's themes such as corruption, bad leadership and police brutality, have encapsulated in them, issues that are relevant enough to sustain the artist's creativity. I believe the artist will not exhaust the intricacies of the themes he has dedicated his art to because of their convoluted nature. The issues around protest art often extend beyond the immediate borders of the artist."

Agwu Enekwachi
Artist and culture writer 
Abuja, Nigeria 

15/9 - 24/10/21| OOA Gallery | Barcelona