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Textures Summer Group Show

Textures Summer Group Show

Bringing together six artists from all over the African continent, these artworks combine ancestral culture and modernism, past and future, to better understand the present time.
Internationally recognized or presented recently in Europe, these artists highlight experimental and plural approaches through a range of forms from fabrics, paper, beads, newspapers, photographs, recycled flip flops, found materials….

This week we highlight Marion Boehm. 

Initially creating mixed-media collages from the black and white photographs that she took of the locals by altering the portraits with pencil, charcoal, pastels, paint and bits of torn paper, before long Marion Boehm was adding fabric and found objects to make her portrayals even more elaborate, and thus more lifelike. She then began to use photos of people from the colonial era and portraits from contemporary times to blur the line between the past and the present. Boehm’s desire is to nobly depict her black subjects in the manner that Europeans have been historically portrayed. Not unlike the African American painter Kehinde Wiley, she casts her characters in a manner that’s intended to change the existing canon.

"When love is the seed, bursting buds can unfold their inner beauty. Love is a universal energy which can change anything. Nature is teaching us to appreciate diversity. But it's not enough to nurse our own inner garden as it's not enough not to be a racist. Wherever being a witness of something wrong, active reaction is required in arguing against it and in intervening. Beyond the evaluation of historical facts, we all need to undergo a permanent process of critical self-reflection... Only public discussion and engagement can lead to understanding, respect and peaceful coexistence. " Marion Boehm

Textures Summer Group Show with Marion Boehm – Onyis Martin – Francklin Mbungu
Patrick Tagoe-Turkson – David Thuku - Emeka Udemba 

 OOA Gallery | Barcelona

7/8 - 5/9/2021