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US Actor Nicolas Cage to Receive Grand Honorary Award in Spain

US Actor Nicolas Cage to Receive Grand Honorary Award in Spain

Los Angeles, USA.- North American actor Nicolas Cage announced today he will receive the Honorary Grand Prize at the upcoming International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges, a Spanish coastal city, where he will also present his new film.
The 51st edition of the film festival will be held in the autumn of this year, when the artist will discuss the film Mandy, by Italian director Panos Cosmatos, director of the fantasy film Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010).

Cage is starring this thriller which tells the story of Mandy, who in 1983 chases through the desert a religious sect which kills his girlfriend, devastated, he decides to take revenge and begins a hard hunt against the murderers, a fight which is more difficult than the protagonist had imagined.

In addition, the festival will be attended by American actor Ed Harris, known for his participation in films such as The Truman Show (1998) and The Rock (1996), who also has won an honorary prize in this competition.

The filmmaker John Carpenter, director of films such as Dark Star (1974) and Assault on the District Police Station (1976), will also be in Sitges, where on October 13 before the event ends he will give a concert at the Meliá Auditorium, in the mountainous area of the southwestern Barcelona city, to review some of the soundtracks of his films.