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Women from and through photography

Women from and through photography

March begins with this song to the women that means the exhibition WOMEN, a century of change in which, with the help of National Geographic Spain and with the commission of Marisa Florez, the Andalusian Courtyard of the Palacio de Gaviria celebrates the International Day of the Woman.

From this March 3 until May 31, Madrid will be a witness of a photographic exhibition about the past, present and future of women in the world.

Photo by photo, the nearly 50 images selected by photojournalist Marisa Florez, offer a global chronicle of women's lives. The exhibition delves into the National Geographic photographic archive to show a set of inspiring, moving and extraordinary stories of women who defied the limits, overcame adversities and opened new paths for themselves and others.

Divided into six sections that focus the viewer's attention on a quality of their protagonists - joy, beauty, love, wisdom, strength and hope - the selection includes both stories and portraits of women who have played a leading role in recent history.

WOMEN is a blunt, timely and diverse exhibition that commemorates the pioneers who have made it possible for us to say without a doubt that the future is feminine. The start of the exhibition takes place in March, the month of the woman, and coincides with the premiere by National Geographic, on March 8, of the dubbed version in Spanish of the documentary "The Cave" directed by Feras Fayyad and nominated in the recent edition of the Oscars.

WOMEN, a century of change

Gaviria Palace (Patio Andaluz) c / Arenal nº 9, Madrid