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Yusto/Giner Gallery. Ana Barriga. La vida del difunto

Yusto/Giner Gallery. Ana Barriga. La vida del difunto

The Yusto/Giner Gallery begins the season with the opening of the new solo show by artist Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain 1984) in their space in Marbella.


La vida del difunto is the second individual exhibition of the Jerez painter in the Yusto/Giner Gallery. Already in her first exhibition, Ni trono ni reina, celebrated in 2017, the artist captured the public’s attention with her paintings, for their truthful and intense feeling of sheer volume and space that her scenography of playful out of place objects present. Still life that she composed and assembled using humor, play, and irony, to create unpredictable situations.

In her new exhibition, La vida del difunto, the artist continues to feel the need to build these scenes or still lifes, showing an extraordinary capacity to generate representations full of symbols and allegories, directly or subtly, marked by irony and barbed criticism, in which the artist speaks of transcendental themes in a fun and naïve tone, such as love, falling out of love, life and it's turns, or the brevity of becoming human.

In her works, she tries to find the balance between reason and emotion through a very personal aesthetic. Two seemingly contradictory territories, which, when they rub together, generate a very intense energy that she is interested in. She tries to move within the field of games and the playful, important elements in her work and in her way of working. The artist collects objects from marketplaces and second hand stores and creates a sort of residual folk-cultural archive: children’s toys, decorative objects, or discarded everyday objects are painted, broken, modified and assembled as though she were playing with them, using them to transmit an idea, creating scenes that her painting is based on. “I consider myself a hunter, who selects the best objects that society has thrown out. I intervene on them in a playful way, with sarcasm and irony, and this allows me to remove seriousness from important themes such as death, sexuality, or religion. The way I manipulate objects, paint and cover my own designs, point to the way in which I conceive the creative act, and maybe even life itself”

The exhibition La vida del difunto is composed of twelve unique paintings, mostly large formats, realized using a mix of paint that is a personal seal of her work. “Oil, enamel, marker, spray… anything that helps me maintain the sensuality that the original material itself possesses”. The Yusto/Giner Gallery uses three of its four rooms to showcase the new body of work from the artist Ana Barriga. The exhibition will be open to the public until the coming 21 of November.

About the artist

Ana Barriga was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1984. A graduate of Fine Arts by the University of Seville, she currently lives and works in Madrid. Among her individual exhibitions we can highlight: Maní, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2020); De Animales a Dioses, Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art, CAAC Seville (2019); Una vez en la vida, Gallery T20, Murcia (2018); Ni Trono Ni Reina, Yusto/Giner Gallery, Marbella (2017);  El Hombre y la Madera , Gallery BIRIMBAO, Seville (2015). Her collective exhibitions include BMural , Barcelona (2019); KNOTENPUNK Festival , Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2019); Universos, Imola, Italy (2018); Ensoñaciones, SC Gallery, Bilbao (2017); El aire que nos llega, Gallery Birimbao, Seville (2017);  CREADORES 2016,  La Térmica, Malaga (2016);  NEIGHBOUR III, CAC Malaga (2016);  ON COLOR, New Spanish Contemporary Painting, SCAN, 123 Pop-up Gallery. London (2016), among others. Her works have been in both national and international contemporary art fairs such as ZONA MACO, Mexico; ARCO, Madrid; Estampa, Madrid; ArteSantander, Santander; Swab, Barcelona; Urvanity, Madrid, among others.

Her career has been graced with important prizes and grants. The most recent of which include Daniel Vázquez Díaz Grant, Huelva (2019), Void Projects, Miami (2018); la Generaciones grant, Fundación Montemadrid, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2018); XIX Certamen Nacional de Pintura (2018); DKV Prize, Madrid (2017); The international Painting Prize Focus-Abengoa, Seville (2017); y el XXIII Certamen Artes Plásticas University of Seville, CICUS, Seville (2017), among others.

The work of Ana is found in both private and public collections such as the Andalusian Contemporary Arts Centre, CAAC, Sevilla, the CAC, Malaga; the DKV collection, Focus-Abengoa collection; La Térmica (Malaga); la Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura (FCDP), CICUS (University of Seville), Zafra Museum (Cordoba); y the local Governments of Malaga, Torremolinos, Jerez de la Frontera, Alcalá de Guadaira, Utrera y Doña Mencia, among others.

Exhibition 25 September - 21 November 2020

Yusto/Giner Gallery, Madera 9, 29603 Marbella