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Z33 - House for contemporary art, design & architecture. Sam Lewitt

Z33 - House for contemporary art, design & architecture. Sam Lewitt

The American artist Sam Lewitt, 39, investigates in his practice the circulation of matter and capital in the global economy. His exhibition 'CURE (the Work)' transforms Z33, a venue for contemporary art, design and architecture, into a production site questioning where we locate 'work' as an activity and as a product.

On 18 December 2014, the car factory Ford in Genk closed down and more than 4,000 workers were made redundant. The factory was demolished in 2017, coincidentally the same year that construction began for the new Z33 wing in the nearby city of Hasselt.

During the exhibition, two earth-ramming machines will compress soil from the former Ford site into interlocking earth blocks. Connecting Z33 to various other production sites, they raise questions about the relationship of artistic production to its location: machines are transportable, yet dependent on the ground on which they sit. The exhibition thus mirrors the global economy in which the relocation of production can have a major impact on a local environment.