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Teresa Margolles Exhibits Frontier in Germany

Kassel: Frontier, an exhibition by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles (Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1963), will remain open thru Feb. 20, 2011 at the city’s Kunsthalle Fridericianum.   El Museion,

Picasso Heirs Denounce Major Theft

The world of art was stunned by the news of an alleged, unprecedented theft, not only for the number of artworks involved in it and their undisputed value, but also because the case can’t be judged s

Record-breaking Avedon

A couple of days ago, a piece by Richard Avedon (1923-2004) was sold under the gavel at the Christie’s Auction House for 841,000 euros, eventually becoming the most expensive photograph ever sold to

Andrés Del Collado in the Excelencias Cultural Space

The Excelencias Cultural Space will have its grand opening in Madrid on Nov. 26 with the Inside Rain exhibit by Andres del Collado and commissioned by art historian Elvira Rilova.  

The Global Africa Project

The New York City Museum of Art and Design opened yesterday an exhibit entitled The Global Africa Project that explores from different perspective the impact the African visual culture has had on art

Fast Food Leftovers in a Gallery

Costa Rica’s Juan Jose Alfaro is exhibiting works that feature the wrappings of hamburger and Mexican tacos in an effort to strike people’s attention on the damaging effects of the so-called junk

Venezuelan Abstraction in Florida

An exhibition that scours the origins and evolution of Venezuelan abstraction will be unveiled Wednesday Oct. 13 at the The Frost Art Museum of the Florida International University.