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Revelación at Cuba's National Hotel

Revelación at Cuba's National Hotel

The Revelación project was displayed on September, 24 at Cuba's National Hotel, including a traveling exhibition made up by works of eleven young Cuban artists and one book with texts by Dr. Martha Zamora, Dr. Eusebio Leal, Jose Veigas, Yudi Kravzov and the Cuban critic Piter Ortega.

Revelación was displayed within the framework of Mexico’s Independence Bicentenary and the 80th Anniversary of Cuba National Hotel. It was conceived by the couple of Mexican gallery owners Julie and Norman Bardavid so as to promote the young Cuban art.

The exhibition’s title came up after their first travel to Cuba, when they noticed the potential of this country’s young generations of creators. It was all about works which, despite their quality, had been barely promoted by art institutions. Eleven names were selected from a previous selection of 37 artists: Alonso Luis Alayo, Manuel Antonio Alvarez, Aliosha Aracil Boullon, Joel Corrales Marquez, Dionel Delgado, Orestes Gaulhiac, Raciel Gomez Golpe, Williams Gonzalez Chavez, Yaumil Hernandez Gil, Yussuan Remolina and Saskia Verguer.

Both the exhibition and the book have a marked philanthropic interest; quoting Norman Bardavid: “I’m a big dreamer, and I love sharing dreams”.