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Vanesa Muñoz: Solid Desire

Vanesa Muñoz: Solid Desire

On February 19 the sculptor Vanessa Muñoz presents the exhibition ‘Solid Desire’ at the Antoni Pinyol Gallery of Reus.


Since 2007, Vanessa Muñoz departs from figuration to lay their conceptual bases, exploring areas such as the construction of reality, the problem of aesthetics in confrontation, Kunst and Cannon, the breaking of the limit, personal struggle to meet challenges such as pain, death or resignation, joy, passion and loss of consciousness of the own.


Her 'solid desires' mark this contrast between form and matter, between dreams and deeds or in more academic key, between imagination and technique, a struggle that has been present throughout the history of art and that has made evolve us, and how are these sculptures seem to develop on their own, have life and personality, and strong enough to externalize and penetrate our senses.