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Call for Entries  VI International Colloquium The Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean "Memory and Border Conflicts"

Call for Entries VI International Colloquium The Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean "Memory and Border Conflicts"

Casa de las Américas, through its Centro de Estudios del Caribe, invites you to participate in the International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean, to be held between the 22 and the 26 of May 2017. In its sixth edition, the event will address the various aspects generated by the theme "Memory and border conflicts".


Three events, from their paradigmatic condition, lead to this reflection. On the one hand, the centenaries of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States and the implementation of the Jones Act by the Congress of the United States to grant US citizenship to Puerto Ricans. Both facts were of crucial importance not only in the geopolitical map of his time, but in the cultural and social reconfiguration of territories and communities. Thinking about these events today involves understanding them in their historical dimension, as well as in the present derived from these reconverted boundaries and collective-identity memories. On the other hand, the eightieth anniversary of the 1937 massacre on the Haitian-Dominican border prompts us to think about the cultural impact of this event on the collective memory of the region as well as on cultural mediations that, across a broad spectrum of artistic forms, have critically inquired into its transcendence.


The Colloquium will be based on conferences, panels, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and other activities, linked to the following thematic lines:


  1. The massacre of 1937 in the cultural memory of the Caribbean.
  2. Centennial of a transfer: past and present of the Virgin Islands of the United States.
  3. Permeable borders: languages and art in transit.
  4. Geopolitics of remembrance: memory and critical thinking.
  5. Autobiographies, journals and life stories: narrated memories.
  6. Archives: between the familiar and the historical, the private and the public.
  7. Management of tangible and intangible heritage: places of memory.
  8. Reparations and decolonization.


Those interested in participating can send their proposals in Spanish, English or French. The modalities of presentation and the information, to send before the 15 of March of 2017 to the email, are the following:




- Curriculum (100 words).


-Resume of the proposal (200 words, specifying thematic line (s)).




- Panel title and theme / subject.


-Nameand Curriculum (100 words) of panelists (up to four speakers) -Resume of each of the presentations (200 words each)




-Curriculum (100 words)


All participants will receive accreditation certificates.


For Cuban participants the admission fee will consist of 50.00 MN for professionals and 25.00 MN for students.

For foreign participants the admission fee will consist of 50.00 CUC (1 CUC = 1.20 USD) for professionals, and 25.00 CUC for students.

The admission fee will be paid in cash and personally at the time of official accreditation at the Colloquium.

To facilitate your transfer and stay in Cuba we suggest you to contact your travel agency or our institution.


Camila Valdés León Director

Centro de Estudios del Caribe Casa de las Américas

3rd and G. Vedado. Havana. Cuba