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The spiritual enrichment of good music

The spiritual enrichment of good music

In these times, the so-called commercial music dominates a large part of the market throughout the world. Promoted by huge marketing campaigns run by famous record companies, they make us believe in the false illusion that the taste for good music has depreciated, in a great level, in favor of the worst commercial music as if nobody were interested in cultivating the spirit. However, only a few weeks ago, at the El Submarino Amarillo Cultural Center, a space where every night the legacy of Anglo-Saxon rock is honored by different Cuban rock groups, the eminent pianist Frank Fernández was presented to share the scene with the band Sweet Lizzy Project and thus staged a cultural event of unsuspected proportions.

In Cuba there is no person who is indifferent to the impacting work of this maestro. Revered at exclusive stages of concert music around the world, accompanied by prestigious symphony orchestras, to attend a concert by Frank Fernández is the opportunity to be astonished by the mastery and virtuosity of his hands on the piano keyboard.

Among the dozens of bands that perform at the El Submarino Amarillo cultural center, Sweet Lizzy Project is one of the proposals most acclaimed by the usual audience of this nightclub, not only on account of its refreshing youthful look, but also of the mastery displayed due to the professional level that distinguishes them. In its versions of Anglo-Saxon rock classics, in addition to apprehending the essence of an original piece, they recreate it with their personal perspectives, giving rise to an absolutely attractive work.

According to those who attended the center on that memorable evening and also to those who regret not having been present, there is a clamor running down the streets of Havana regarding the exceptionally artistic nature of such an encounter: a concert that should be replicated in one of our spacious theater halls. Therefore, we are in the face of an event of great social relevance, whose outcome has been a spiritual enrichment from good music.