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Ernesto Neto Exhibits at MARCO

Ernesto Neto Exhibits at MARCO

Beginning Friday Dec. 9, a retrospective exhibition by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) will open at the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art (Mexico).


La lengua de Ernesto(Ernesto’s Tongue) was curated by publisher and art critic Adriano Pedrosa and it takes a grand tour around a 20-plus-year period, boasting truly genuine outcomes that have made his work go all the way to the Tate Modern Gallery in London, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the 49th edition of the Venice Biennial and the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma. Sculptor and installer E. Neto has no doubt exposed in some of the world’s finest galleries and is by far one of Brazil’s most promoted and talked-about creators in the visual art market. The fact that his artworks belong to major collections, like the ones at the Reina Sofia National Art Museum and Center, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, and the Museum of Modern Art proves this point.


However, this is the first retrospective exhibit any museum has ever dedicated to him and in which the public can take a closer look at some of this works.


Overall, Neto invades the exhibition spaces with organic structures made of thin membranes and stuffed with an assortment of materials. Aloof from conventional sculpturing, his work eggs visitors on to get a hold on the piece and complement it with their own interaction. One of the recurrent elements in his work is the use of leather and soft fabrics. Good cases in point are Nave Deusa (1998) and Symbiointestubetime - the flavor happens in a state of being flavor flower womb domus (2010).


The exhibition will remain open thru April 1, 2012 and will include 84 drawings made in a variety of techniques such as ink on paper, silver pen, lead on paper, wax and thread on paper, plaster on paper, and wax, ropes and lead on paper, as well as photographs.


A catalog published by MARCO, together with the Faena Art Center and the Fortes Vilaca Gallery –it contains reviews penned by Adriano Pedrosa and Miguel Lopez- together with an interview made by Jessica Morgan, will be contained in this printed work.


Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art

Zuazua y Padre Jardón S/N, Centro 64000

Monterrey, NL, Mexico


Source: Press release