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Transvisible in 19th Paiz Biennale

Transvisible in 19th Paiz Biennale

The 19th Paiz Art Biennale will be taking place in Guatemala City (Guatemala) through July 6. Created in 1978, this biennale is one of the most important events on contemporary art in the region. Its previous edition, for instance, was attended by artists Carlos Amorales, Carlos Capelán, Rogelio López Cuenca or Teresa Margolles.


This edition’s title is Transvisible, a term taken from French poet Serge Venturini, who conceived it as “an interstitial passage between the invisible and the visible”. Curators Anabella Acevedo, Pablo Ramírez, Rosina Cazali and Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (who coordinates the team as general curator) wield this concept as the thread that joins the artistic practices developed by different artists in Guatemala. These works are born out of a contemporaneity that, in order to narrate itself, must assume its paradoxical character, as well as uncertainty and fragility.


Four cores have been defined to articulate the exhibition proposal: Specificities that Name Themselves, Healing and Self-awareness, Masculinity and Violence, y Body/Territory/Sexuality. The program is complemented by a series of theoretical events: the talks, conceived out of a multidisciplinary perspective, will be gathering artists, academicians and agents; on the other hand, the lectures will be a platform for different guests to present their personal researches or portfolios. Workshops, concerts, meetings, performances and theater will also have their space in the Biennale’s agenda.