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PMM: dancing in another house

PMM: dancing in another house

Again the public disregarded the knell birds, like that amazing night when Los Van Van rocked Miami, and joyful and loud people went beyond the barriers even with carnival masks, and God knows even the people on guard who found their way in danced...

This time Hectico PMM had in mind something never seen before. Continue to lace in every installation the best professionalism and deployment of technology, and erect a gigantic audiovisual stage with what sounded more in Cuba, to introduce Waldo Mendoza, Yulien and Leo, and Laritza Bacallao, surrounded by hundreds of attendees who could not believe what they were seeing.

It is true that United States is number one in the top mounts and technology scenarios. But sometimes they forget about salt and pepper, as Hectico says: In the PMM, the creativity of the Cuban is the result, because of the high sense of innovation. The ones who have worked at Emilio Stefan’s disco club Bongos Cuban Cafe know about it, , and lived the surprise of those who work there and even had a picture with him, long before he was informed that he was a Cuban living in Cuba.

Hectico is not worry , "because I produce in Cuba and the United States. "The success of Ve Queens Successful and satisfaction of this artist with the work done is the best evidence. That is why PMM aspires to open a House of Music in Panama City. To work in a regular place like Doral. Playa del Carmen had already trembled with the good vibes of DJ festival, as also happened in Cancun.

He came and changed the settings, and the party was in the shores of the sea, with Cuban dancers. There were seven competitors, and Hectico worked fifth, at night. He chose the music of the seventies and eighties, the time of Olivia Newton John and Leonid Ritchie. And it was amazing to see the reaction of visitors before the dancers performances and the realm of the audiovisual.

PMM is committed with the sublime: the biggest scenic variety in productions, so the Stage Mechanics makes its job, and bring the artist through the air, with no visible cables and silent motors. Knowing how to find the camera shot of what is going on, the audiovisual "de piso", and return it from the suicher with real images on multiple screens. And the quality of the music is as good as you were attending a concert hall.

In August PMM stars the DJs Festival in the sands of Playa Azul, invited by Havanatur-Celimar for the event "Dancing in Varadero", where three intense days await them at Hotel Puntarena. The festival has gathered Gente de Zona on Friday 15th ; David Calzado and La Charanga Habanera on Saturday 16th ; and Sunday for the best electronic music. Hectico tells how they take all the pool area and says it is a feast for the senses, from the beach to the lobby.

Those who want and dare to doubt, go dancing in Varadero,  every two months; or in La Divina Pastora in Morro Cabaña Complex in Havana, to have a great time; and if you live on the opposite shore, in Solare Coliseum in El Doral, when word spreads in Miami .. Do not let someone tell you.