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EXCELENCIAS GALERY, A new space in Madrid for the Contemporary Art

The Excelencias Gallery, a space devoted to the promotion, exhibition and sale of contemporary art, will swing its gates wide open to showcase the most representative artworks within the main fine arts

Jose Bedia:Our obligation of going cross-cultural

Unlike artists whose esthetics have been more or less centripetal –that is, art-centric, directed toward the historic vortex of the Western culture– Jose Bedia’s has proved to be, on the contrary, comp

A Tico in Habana

If archives were not to be delved into and were scorned as simply useless and lugubrious places, we’ll be taking the risk of letting boldface names like Max Jimenez Huete (1900-1947) fall into oblivion


Many a work has been written and published about the Cuban art of recent years, so many that it seems as if the great boom that our artistic creation enjoyed all throughout the 1990s were still alive a

Contemporary Art in NICARAGUA

The situation that steered the curatorial reins of that project is not the same anymore. However, I don’t believe this is one of the most visible enclaves in Central America. Nicaragua is penciled in a

Editorial 1 English

Our publishing group is giving its readers Art by Excelencias, a magazine envisaged to bear testimony to the creative processes within the framework of the fine arts and their main figures in the Ameri


As I read on Visible and Invisible, I imagine the exceptional hand of Pedro de Oraa –the hand of a painter and author, making sure this appraisal doesn’t lean solely to one side– assisted by profound t


When Argentinean critic Victoria Verlichak suggested me to present an exhibit of Paraguayan contemporary art in Buenos Aires, we both knew we had to fight not only against ignorance, but also against g


I ignore whether curating a book –organize it, be responsible for all its images and vignettes, for all texts both critical and informative– may hamper someone from writing a review about it. I wonder

Lourdes Fernández ARCOmadrid 2009 Director

In your view, what were the main achievements of ARCOmadrid 08 and what influence did they exert in the conception of the 2009 edition? The main achievement of last year’s edition was its strengthenin