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A bookseller, Álvaro Castillo Granada

A bookseller, Álvaro Castillo Granada

Álvaro Castillo Granado (Bucaramanga, Colombia, 1969) arrives at a bookstore, especially if it deals with old or used books, and after a glance, his hands will settle, almost intuitively, as if they had called him, on those texts that he waits for, searches, wants...he knows that books have life; They hide decoys, mysteries...he has "another intuition", let's say he has acquired a new sense from the experience of several years as a witty reader, bookseller and editor.

An owner of a bookstore in Bogotá, he has been the director of Ediciones San Librario and Ediciones Isla de Libros, but, above all, Álvaro is a tireless reader: in addition, a dreamer like few others.

This book hunter - as narrator Jorge Franco named him - has published El libro (recuerdos de un lector) (2004), Julio Cortázar. Una lectura permutante del capítulo 7 de Rayuela (2005), En viaje (2007), De cuando Pablo Neruda plagió a Miguel Ángel Macau (2008) and Encuentros con Paco Ignacio Taibo II (2013). And now he gives us a surprise with Un Librero, a selection of chronicles and stories published by the prestigious Penguin Randon House group in 2018.