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Fervor of Havana

Fervor of Havana

We are drawing near to another November with Odin Teatret in Havana.  And on the 16th of that month, they will make their last performance of Inside the skeleton of the whale, just the day that marks the 500th anniversary of Havana city to which they will travel to bow before her, to salute her half millennium.

 It will be in the “Tito Junco” hall of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center, the space they have taken as their “barracks” for a quarter of a century.

 The Odin Teatret, a multinational group based in Denmark, has never feared anything and been faithful in the most adverse situations.  Its way of being with Cuba and its people has been to come often to the country against all odds, in bad times and in so-so times: always looking for a formula to make it, offering its productions and all that formative deployment, through workshops, conferences, demonstrations and meetings, which refer us not only to its vast experience, but to all the knowledge of the theater that reaches our door with them.