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Theatrical outside the theater

Theatrical outside the theater

For someone who during childhood had a theater as a complementary area of ​​home life - especially when it was a house where persons worked on advertising and scenographic painting - he comes to feel the theatricality of its expressions, drama, comedy, variety shows, circus numbers, lyrical performances and dance, incorporated into his existence and personal psychology. 

Being Manuel López Montero my father, the set designer and the person who made the announcements of the films or scenic performances of the Manzanillo theater, that seductive space at that time helped to fix in my conscience the recreational condition of whatever was dramaturgical matter, acting and simulation.

The theatrical became first a solo game and an exploratory amateur occupation that interned me behind the scenes, to become, past adolescence, a hobby parallel to the interest inherited for the plastic arts. 

But at the same time, it added to the observation paths that unveiled the fabric of society and the essence often disguised as people.  Since 1992, it has been a thematic substance integrating sensations, certainties and thoughts put in images by my paintings and performances.