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A tour on established and emerging poetics

A tour on established and emerging poetics

This magazine issue sees the light of day as it celebrates its fourth anniversary. Faithful to its foundational principles and objectives, we have wanted to see in it –and we’ve done it that way so far- a platform for the promotion of art and artists from the Caribbean and Central America in the first place, and by extension from the rest of the Spanish-speaking Americas, without neglecting our attendance to events and developments going on in different parts of the world as long as they appeal to us for their contemporary character.

Through these four years, both creators and exhibitions have been splayed on the pages of this magazine, let alone different renowned and emerging artists dealing with historiography, art review, curatorship and theory, coming from our islands and from the mainland –no matter if they are currently working elsewhere as a result of globalization and the increasingly inquiry spirit that encourages them to be here and there in search of meaningful creative processes and symbolic work.

The result of all this effort can be construed as a humble contribution to those who are interested in the arts and those who are cutting their teeth in the trade. We want it to be a reference for scholars, no matter if they work in libraries or in classrooms. The printed magazine was saddled with a website ( in a bid to reach out to a larger number of readers. Today, the publication plays a key role within an information and appraisal network we have been building in different nations and from which we count on contributions in different fields: publishing, writing, photography, design, advertising, sales… Sooner rather than later, tis mesh will grow on as we plan on achieving higher distribution levels.

Therefore and even though it’s not my intention to recap this four-year journey, I cannot fail to mention that team spirit that comes together in every issue we present the readers with. That teamwork will continue to set the tone of the work we do with so much passion and pleasure.

Thanks to each and every one of you, especially to the faithful and new readership that little by little weave a web of knowledge and comprehension in the fascinating realm of the visual arts.

José Carlos de Santiago