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These Are the Winners of the 2021 Excelencias Awards

These Are the Winners of the 2021 Excelencias Awards

The EXCELENCIAS AWARDS were created 17 years ago by the Excelencias Group to promote excellence in different fields related to tourism, gastronomy and culture in Ibero-America.

These awards have become a benchmark in the field of tourism and gastronomy in Ibero-America. They're handed out at FITUR, the world's largest tourism fair, in addition to the fact that it's held in Madrid, the Ibero-American hub and bridge. 

The Excelencias Awards have been held without fail every year, and not even this dreadful pandemic has prevented us from holding this event in the past two years.

This year, 2022, marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Excelencias Group. This is a special year, not only because of our outstanding anniversary, but also because of the tireless struggle of the destinations, companies and people who have succeeded with their hard work and efforts in 2021 in creating or executing projects in favor of tourism, gastronomy and social inclusion in the value chain of the economy of the different Ibero-American countries.

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