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Photo Contest of the Excelencias Group "The Round Trip Kitchen"

Photo Contest of the Excelencias Group "The Round Trip Kitchen"

The Excelencias Group, and its art media Arte por Excelencias y Excelencias Gourmet, summon professional photographers, photography students and amateurs in general to participate in the Photo Contest of the IX International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Gourmet, with the aim of promoting creativity in the images of the gastronomic and cultural world.

As the call to our new International Gastronomic Seminar to be held in September, between 25 and 27 in Havana, Cuba, establishes, “Ibero-American cuisine is the result of that round-trip exchange, of a cultural cross between two continents that formed a large homeland and that contributed from both shores a large collection of typical products and dishes.”

For this photo contest, all those that refer to the universe of foods that traveled from Europe to America will be valid: coffee, sugar, rice, grapes, olive oil, citrus fruits, wheat, legumes, and animals free range like pork and chicken and vice versa, from America to Europe: potato, peanut, corn, tomato, beans, avocado, cocoa, banana, pepper, tropical fruits, and turkey.


Each contestant will present a maximum of three individual photographs or a photographic series related to the world of gastronomy. The photographs will be unpublished, and may only be submitted by their authors.


The photographs can be sent until September 22, 2019, in digital format in a maximum of 1.5 MB, consigning the author's information in Word document to the address


The jury will meet the days prior to the realization of the IX International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Gourmet in Havana.

The winning photos will integrate the Photographic Exhibition of the IX International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Gourmet that will be inaugurated during the days of sessions.These may be used in the Excelencias Group publications, consigning author and origin, and as a means of promoting the Excelencias Gourmet International Photographic Contest and Gastronomic Seminar; and may be exhibited in sites and institutions that collaborate with the Excelencias Group, for the dissemination of cultural exchange in Latin America.


The Excelencias Group will appoint three renowned photographers from the universe of culture as jurors, habitual collaborators of the Arte porExcelencias media, which will issue their final decision on the selected works or series.

The winning works will be printed for the Photographic Exhibition, and exhibited during the IX International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Gourmet; and will remain the property of the Excelencias Group, for the purposes set forth above.

Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these Terms.

Presentation: On Line.

Participants: Any professional or amateur photographer who wishes to contribute his vision on gastronomy in Latin America

Theme: The universe of the 10 foods that traveled between America and Europe to enrich our kitchens.

Prizes: Free publication of Photographic Dossier, Gallery and author's review in the Arte por Excelencias medium, both magazine and web.           

Materials and Photography Books from sponsors.

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