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Excelencias & Havana
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Excelencias & Havana

By Jaime Maso Torres

Aged and contemporary, complex and logical, Havana is all of these elements and way more. That might be the reason why it has become one of the places to be visited by travelers once and again.

The origin of visitors is not important, since they feel comfortable in Havana. That is why it is one of the most-populated cities of the continent; it is a Wonder, which means Big, Unique, Free.

Nobody should miss the celebration of its 500th anniversary. There are different reasons to celebrate and a common goal: offering the capital of all Cuban people the love and respect it deserves, for being there, not failing, inspiring people, radiating pride.

The very best poets or inspired composers sing the praises of this city that survived spasms and commotion, British and Spanish artillery…

Havana stands out with great strength because it is not afraid of time or the cracks in its buildings, because it was born in spring when days grow longer and nights go shorter.

Since the recent official launch of the campaign to celebrate Havana’s birthday, with the attendance of Dr. Eusebio Leal and other representatives of the city’s government, organizations, cultural centers, and artists from around the world come together for the most acclaimed celebration of the year.

Arte por Excelencias, under the helm of Grupo Excelencias, joins this campaign and, starting on July 4, it will be posting several articles dedicated to Jose Marti’s small homeland. Thanks to our collaborators, we can pay tribute to one of the most-visited capitals of the world.

We will give our readers interesting details on Havana and its illustrious people, artistic stories that have taken place at this capital, its famous architecture, the transformation process it is undergoing for its birthday, and way more.

Surrounded by hate and discord, agglomerations and painful escapes, Havana opens its arms to people willing to support it and even those peacocks that use its name, but they are not capable of buttressing its history.

Now that its birthday is around the corner, Havana and the people that have it in their heart, beyond their origin, combine their efforts to have a great celebration for the saint’s day of the City that seduces and make people fall in love.

The city is said to celebrate its 500th anniversary and some skeptics will wink an eye, since they know that Havana does not calculate time. It is and will always be authentic for its shape and style… with magic in the heart.