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In Art Miami: From Colombia, volumetric wonders ...
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In Art Miami: From Colombia, volumetric wonders ...

Latin American diversity

Diversity is perhaps the most definitive hallmark of Latin American art. Therefore, when we talk about creation in this part of the world, we must refer to nature, to the image, but also, of trade and discourse. In that rich maremagno of variety, one of the constants of our creation is fascination. In this Art Week in Miami at every step, it is highlighted again, and in the foreground, the comprehensive look of art in our continent: its diversity, that, which makes it different and native, in a meeting that is heading, to focus the creations of this part of the world, as well as the vast contemporary that illuminates the pieces in a high percentage wherever they come from.

Something that has attracted for some years now important personalities from international plastic arts, curators, museum directors, institutions, auctions, fairs, galleries, met there, motivated by what can be recognized-caught in our art and its interpreters The interest aroused by Latin American art in the world comes from many points of view: product of our own light, of the exuberance of nature, of the playful sense that is an essential part of our character and of that kaleidoscopic look that we turn into incessant and prodigious reconfirmation and reinvention of the reality that surrounds us and the images of our dreams and memories.

A plural look

In Art Miami, two Colombian creators who shape and name their country from their sculptural works arrived from different materials, ideas and claims…

Ricardo Cárdenas, sculptor from Medellín, Colombia, arrives here with the Art Scape Lab gallery (United States) with a set of creations that have already given him international renown for the wonder created by his artistic genius. They are the Nests and Clouds that make up a very unique framework recreated in iron, steel where their imagination overflows. With great patience, "weave" the strong material that takes on a spatial / special dynamic that dazzles the eyes. They are lines that are confused in space and take the capricious forms of those receptacles that birds build to shelter and also reproduce. Sometimes they stay in gray and silver tones and others acquire shades at will: blue, yellow, red ... which are also the reflections of time and soul. Other times he looks at the sky and overflows his creative intentions in the clouds, with shapes that chance sculpts on high and he brings them to the earth to make us sound.

In Cuba, the famous artist who has left his mark on many countries in Latin America and Europe created during the 12th Havana Biennial, a cloud that is perched on top of one of the entrance columns of the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, and also showed his creations in that 2015 in the House of the Americas, where he arrived invited to make a personal exhibition, which gave much to talk about the heavyweight category that shows in his sculptures. Those who talk about the environment, life and human dreams ...

Federico Uribe's unlimited imagination

In Colombia, art grows like the mountains and that landscape that deflects geography with a load of beauty and unlimited wealth. The men and women there are attracted by so much flow of energy that takes art uniquely.


Federico Uribe Selfie Esteem by Federico Uribe
Federico Uribe


Federico Uribe, the prominent Colombian artist who one day decided to put the brushes aside and become a sculptor, blows away attendees at the Art Miami fair, where he exhibits his original works at Adelson Galleries (New York / Palm Beach). There he shows those wonders that his inexhaustible talent creates and always alert to the Nature that surrounds and motivates him. With an environmental, ecological and creative message his works appear where he teaches us that not only brushes are used to make art. But everything that is at our side and that could be useless. Recycling and any material found along the way is worth in your artistic world. He makes art from everyday objects; pencils, cables, fibers ... they transform into animals and charge unusual forms. This forum brings to everyone's surprise, a woman made with medical instruments which she named Selfie Esteem and that everyone wants to portray with her, to honor the title and a nod of complicity with the intelligent and original creator. There are also lions, and other animals in danger of extinction around the world that are created with ... bullets, participants of the series Let's Stay in Peace. These are works of direct denunciation that evokes life with objects that kill. Art is a very correct equation to say and above all to raise awareness, from that human dimension that comes from within to make us better every day. That is read in many pieces that surround us in this meeting that is a light that reaches man today in many dimensions so that he can or accomplishes to be better ...


Selfie Esteem by Federico Uribe
Selfie Esteem by Federico Uribe


On the cover: Ricardo Cárdenas with his work