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Art Week. Cuba with strong presence in Art Miami
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Art Week. Cuba with strong presence in Art Miami

Miami.- Every day in different parts of the city the doors of different fairs are opened. Yesterday it was the turn of Art Miami and Art Context, which occupy the space of an important square in Down Town. In Art Miami nearly 200 galleries from almost every continent participate. In this rainbow of shapes, colors and concepts, the Caribbean island is very well represented.

The gallery La Acacia landed here with the pieces of three young creators that show the great artistic diversity that exists in the country. Douglas Argüelles brings together a series of works where he summons archive images of chemistry, physics and photography laboratories as a point of inflection of a research / creative search that has led him to reflect on these metaphors, with the suggestive title of Misterium, 1 , 2 and 3. All these pieces are flooded with a phantasmagoric white where they illuminate concepts, while in the other works of the Soliloquy series, there is color but their creations focus on the past time what remains afterwards, but both join in, the nostalgia for the past. Jorge Wellesley brings interesting pieces where he shows his concept of Truth and Reality, as an abstract graphic beyond language, and time, evidencing from the objects his artistic impressions regarding these philosophical metaphors, that make us think and reflect. And Frank Mujica gives through the landscapes drawn in his series Diario, a record of his daily experiences. Intimate works, which with its introspective character reaches the viewer with strength.

Beyond the borders of La Acacia, the only gallery that has arrived from Cuba, others stand out Cuban art on its walls, such as the Pan American gallery, which gives a suggestive sample of the richness of art, our carrier of great vitality. Names like those of José Manuel Fors, National Prize of Plastic Arts, Gustavo Acosta, Sandra Ramos, José Toirac, Arianna Contino, and Guido Llinas along with other creators of countries of the continent and the United States vibrate in the stand.

While the Cernuda Art gallery, with its characteristic elegance, brings the richness of our art from the avant-garde until nowto Art Madrid, showing that range of creativity, imagination, good taste, and talent that moves in the works. Wifredo Lam, Amelia Peláez, René Portocarrero, Mariano Rodríguez, Víctor Manuel, Mario Carreño, Servando Cabrera, Carmelo González, until Tomás Sánchez, Manuel Mendive, Roberto Fabelo, Alfredo Sosabravo, Sandro de la Rosa ..., make this corner a treasure of Cuba that speaks of the top ways of our visual art by the world.

As if that were not enough, crossing the corridors the view recognizes in various galleries of the world signs of immense creators such as Wifredo Lam, the most international of our artists who is always a cause for admiration for his energetic creative presence where the most intricate knots of Cuban nationality: African, European and Chinese, with those images that represent the marvelous real of these magical lands of the Caribbean.


As an extension of Art Miami, divided by a tunnel, there is the Miami Art Context Fair where the work of 100 other galleries of the world is gathered. On this site there is also a Cuban presence. The artist Rubén Alpízar is present with the Contemporary Art Studio showing those works that have endorsed his artistic career through time. In them adds ingenuity, a flight of creation of height to deliver images that take us to fly by the imagination, through a personal world and signals that reach out to us from dream borders to cross the human dimensions. Along the route of that other Fair appeared names like those of Mabel Poblet and José ÁngelVincench ..., who continue to knit here the Cuban imaginings that do not cease to deliver gains ...

On the cover: Galería La Acacia in Art Miami