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Arts+Leisure. Satellite Art Show
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Arts+Leisure. Satellite Art Show

Horizon Lines: Through arrangements experiencing the natural world and the digital world, Aimee Odum's disjointed objects and filmed atmospheres of the forest, sea, and sky demand a “nowness” in the same way a screen of moving pixels and technological mediations elicit an attentive presence. Merging characteristics of the wilderness with filtered, faded colors and manipulated imagery, Odum turns dreamlike wonder into bodily beings. She considers the malleable nature of video and clay alongside the impressionable nature of both our environment and ourselves; both transformations often assisted by the development of the digital frontier.

SATELLITE ART SHOW - 40 rooms of an abandoned hotel repurposed into immersive, experiential, and often participatory exhibitions. SATELLITE, now in its third year is an artist-run and concept-driven alternative art fair that positions itself at the convergence of art, performance, new media, and technology. “The return to our dystopian hotel is a natural move for us. South Beach was great last year, but we were restricted by the regulations of the space. This year we will provide a truly visionary experience for our guests, restriction free” said SATELLITE creative director Brian Whiteley of the fair’s experiential emphasis.


Through a regard for collectability but an emphasis on interactivity and unfiltered creative expression, SATELLITE Art Show aims not to compete with its sister satellite fairs but to differentiate itself as the most memorable art-viewing experience visitors will have all week. Expect the unexpected and stay for all the experiences, as no two moments will be the same at SATELLITE. We look forward to welcoming you to our abandoned hotel on the beach. #satelliteartshow #notbasel

The Ocean Terrace Hotel
7410 Ocean Terrace
Miami Beach, FL

Horizon Lines by Aimee Odum


SATELLITE ART SHOW 2017 will be held at the Ocean Terrace Hotel, an abandoned beachfront hotel with a focus on experiential installations. SATELLITE is the antithesis to the standard art fair. 

LOCATION: The Ocean Terrace Hotel
7410 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach, FL

PRESS PREVIEW: Dec 7th: 12pm – 2pm
HOURS: December 7th-9th: 2pm – 10pm
December 10th: 2pm – 6pm