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Art Marbella, this summer´s most important meeting with art
EventsArt Marbella

Art Marbella, this summer´s most important meeting with art

ART MARBELLA, dedicated to modern and contemporary art, will take place from july 29th to august 3rd in the Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones of Marbella. A surprisingly space to live all kinds of sensory experiences that goes from the joy of the beauty of the art to the gastronomical tasting, passing through the delight of being able to enjoy nice common spaces, like the terrace habilitated this year thanks to the furniture of the sponsor Renson. 

Also, Art Marbella proposes in this fifth edition a new concept of art fair in which the special projects will be the protagonists and the gallery spaces has been rethought to avoid the inherit coldness of a classic stand, with the purpose that the works of art can be exhibited in a similar space to the one they will find in the habitat of its future collectors.
A través del tiempo, is the special project curated by Violeta Janeiro, one of the most prestigious independent Spanish artists in the art scene today. Jainero brings together 4 artists that pursue a time that rejoins in the now. The selection of those artists is composed by: Olmo Blanco from the gallery Metro (Santiago de Compostela); Juan del Junco from Galería Isabel Hurley (Málaga); Nuno Sousa Vieira from Espacio Olvera(Sevilla) and Liu Dao from Pantocrator Gallery (Suzhour, Shanghai, Barcelona, Berlin).

Janeiro presents a joint of works that contradict the logics that reward the immediacy. The time understood as a consecution of moments, a sum of instants that makes us conscious of our finitude, and therefore that our destiny is nothing. The wish to stop time and observe it from close, it’s a way to face our doubts and fears facing that nothing our future holds.   

All about eve is the special project that brings the most recent work of the photographer Maryam Eisler and the artist Kamran Diba, whose work of art focuses on the semi abstract painting and on its series Body Parts.
Maryam Eisler is a photographer and editor based in London, England. Maryam is also a contributing Editor to LUX Magazine (Conde Nast) and has made a number of photographic and editorial contributions to Vanity Fair on Art, LUX, Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Art and Harpers Bazaar Interiors. Maryam’s photographic work is represented by London-based gallery, Tristan Hoare and NY-based gallery Harper’s Books. The work of Maryam has additionally shown at Photo London, at Unseen in Amsterdam and at The Dallas Art Fair.
On the other hand, Kamran Diba has been involved with modern and contemporary art from the 60’s, first as an artist in the USA and later as the founder of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, where he was responsible for creating an important collection of Western art in 1977. Since 1963 he has shown extensively at Seyhoon, Zand, Fereydoun Ave, Mah and Aaran galleries in Tehran and Etemad Gallery in Dubai. He also participated in the biennals of Venice and Paris during the 60’s representing Iran. He has taken part in group shows at Almine Rech gallery in Paris, Shulamit gallery in Los Angeles and Laleh June gallery in Basel. 

Entre Lurigancho and Badohi, La Lana Vive is the special project presented by Pepe Cobo y Cía in which the artists Irene Infantes and Pepe Cobo work around wool with the manipulation of people from the third world, one in India and the other in the textile workshops of the Lurigancho prison in Lima. Infantes works from the recovery of the wool tradition, thus enhancing its historical value. He does it through contemporary and exclusive designs. On the other hand, Cobo creates an approach and convergences with the work of Irene Infantes, since all the tapestries that make up her project are made of wool threads on jute, where from fragments taken from manila shawls creates a miscegenation of iconographies, a faithful reflection of the mixture of cultures to which we are historically subjected and influenced today.
Miradas de una ciudad is the project of the photographer Jesús Chacón that presents the Delegación de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Marbella. Painters, musicians’ filmmakers, actors, athletes and writers come together in front of Chacón’s camera to configure the creative landscape of Marbella. The aim of the photographer is not to personalize in the portrayed but to give news of the different collectives and the sediment that permeates the city. The exhibition could be seen in the Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, from March 28 to May 22 of 2019.
Art Marbella will also host a special project by Genalguacil Pueblo Museo, curated by Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez. Since 1994, with the birth of Encuentros de Arte, Genalguacil has made contemporary art a fundamental pillar for its development and transformation. A quarter of a century later, this small town in the Genal Valley (Málaga), with just 400 habitants, is distinguished in the Spanish art scene for its determined commitment to contemporary creations.

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From July 29 to August 3 of 2019
Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones de Marbella
Schedule: Everyday from 18h to 22.30h
Price: 12€ and 8€ special price for students and retirees.