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Violeta Janeiro´s Curated Project
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Violeta Janeiro´s Curated Project

ART MARBELLA, celebrating its fifth edition from July 30 to August 3, 2019 at Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones de Marbella, Spain, will show, among its curated projects, Through time by Violeta Janeiro, one of the most prestigious independent curators in the Spanish artistic scene.

Janeiro gathers four artists that pursue a time that rejoices in the present. The selection includes artists Olmo Blanco from gallery Metro (Santiago de Compostela, Spain); Juan del Junco from Galería Isabel Hurley (Málaga, Spain);Nuno Sousa Vieira from Espacio Olvera (Sevilla, Spain) and Liu Dao from gallery Pantocrator Gallery (Suzhour / Shanghai / Barcelona / Berlín).

The curator starts with the premise that occidental cultures base their development in an idea of progress that employs and optimises the passing of time, which it conceives as linear and progressive.  The artists in Through time suggest new ways of relating to the present, through the exercise or activity that allows them to go back on themselves, becoming aware that we are time.

Violeta Janeiro (Vigo, 1982) has worked as curatorial fellow at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was curator at the Spanish Consulate in Shanghai with AECID, and assistant curator for the Spanish Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale.  Her work focuses on practices of a collaborative nature.  She reflects on the potential of community through projects that explore alternatives in production, reception and channelling of art.


The fifth edition of Marbella’s modern and contemporary art event proposes a new conception of the art fair, rethinking the exhibitor’s space in a way that avoids the cold, generic fair stand, and instead invites the exhibition of art works in settings more closely resembling those of their future collectors’. 

This new concept is brought by prestigious interior designers Sergio Sánchez Pardo and David Jiménez García, from Deseesedesign, who have conceived a space for the enjoyment of art with large common areas and intimate stands, generating a complete experience for visitors, centred around art and beauty.  Sánchez Pardo and Jiménez are also responsible for the creative direction of MARBELLA DESIGN, which will be held from July 4th to the 15th in the same location.