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Revealing looks: a tribute to Che on his 91st birthday

Revealing looks: a tribute to Che on his 91st birthday

A photographic exhibition in homage to Commander Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was inaugurated this Thursday in Havana's Casa del Alba Cultural, on the eve of June 14, date of the birth of the Argentine revolutionary, 91 years ago.

Miradas reveladoras is the title of the exhibition, which brings together a dozen images captured between 1959 and 1964 by the renowned artists of the lent of the period known as the "revolutionary epic", Alberto Korda, Raul Corrales, Liborio Noval, Osvaldo and Roberto Salas.

Different moments of the life of Che in the Greater Antilles, in which he worked as head of institutions such as the National Bank of Cuba and the Ministry of Industries, are reflected in these snapshots. There are also photos in which he is seen exchanging with the leaders of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel and Raúl Castro Ruz.

In such a way that the exhibition documents, thanks to the revealing looks of these photographers, the time in which Che developed his revolutionary work in Cuba, a period in which he stood out not only in guerrilla action, but also as one of the main theorists of its strategy and of issues related to the economy and the international revolutionary movement.

It could not be missing in this show what is considered the most reproduced photography of the twentieth century: the one that 59 years ago was performed by Korda in the act of farewell to the victims of ship La Coubre sabotage and that was titled by its author Guerrillero Heroico.

Made with the collaboration of the Fototeca de Cuba, Miradas reveladoras will be open at the Casa del Alba Cultural during this month of June.