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ArtBo 2019: Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

ArtBo 2019: Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

BOGOTÁ-. A cloth magnet? It is what is thought to be in contact with the Ciclotrama piece located in the Zipper gallery (Brazil), in the Main hall of the ArtBo 2019 Fair, which on Sunday closed its doors in this capital. Well, the 4 works that conformed it hanging on the walls are developed with ship sails! and with the ropes with which they are tied ...

This unique work of the Brazilian artist Janaina Mello Landini, in addition to its aesthetic beauty, its originality when conceiving it with such unusual materials in these encounters, implies concepts and something related to mathematics, according to the director of the gallery Osmar Saints. It is that the strings are divided into 2, 4, 8, 16 until it becomes a single thread, which represents Man. But visitors recognize multiple elements in this unique piece that has degraded blue and black tones. They also see a tree, roots, veins, neurons ... because they summon forms that relate it to them.

In any case, they all have communicating vessels with Nature, which is the driving force behind these signs, to which artists, to a large extent, have come with their paintings, installations, prints, sculptures, videos, photos here ..., since every time is in more danger, and we must SAVE it, approach it, love it ... And it is that beyond these told versions, there is something common that unites us all with it, with which we are intimately interconnected. All things in life have a connection with others, with the center in Nature. The work comes to that reflection, also visual when each painting is interconnected in the center of the space forming something, a roll of threads that grows, and it is the Man.

But there is more, and it is a serious thing. It is also a reflection of what worries the human being now, who is terribly frightened by the situation is living, who is uncontrolled, and we do not know what will be of the future! The ropes, some of them are Colombian and some Brazilian to make it universal, to give the material this interaction of the universes in search of peace.