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ArtBo, fertile seed that sprouted in ... ART

ArtBo, fertile seed that sprouted in ... ART

Bogotá. - No one could imagine in the already distant 2005 that the International Art Fair, ArtBo planted here, would bear the fruits that it already delivers in its fifteen years of life. This 15th. edition, inaugurated last night at the Corferias site opened its doors with the presence of 67 city galleries from 17 countries of Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, surrounded by a minimal, elegant and functional design that shows the most serenity of 3 thousand pieces brought by hundreds of artists, something not very common in these visual fairs.

But beyond the quality present in most of the galleries and spaces present, it feels at every step the creative capacity that tries to be original, that seeks in the most recondite materials, to dialogue in a field where imagination, good, interferes with each edge of the works. This is visible in ArtBo 2019, which is the magnet that attracted this beautiful city of Santa Fe de Bogotá to the ART in plural. Because it has been, without a doubt, the driving force in these five years that has transformed the city into a focal point of Latin American and international creation. These days, Art Week runs through all the places in other fairs born later as Odeón, El Millón, Barcu ..., the spaces of the entire network of galleries, museums, artist studios, and on this occasion the opening of the 45 National Artists Hall, which between September 14 and November 4 will occupy different places with exhibitions, street interventions in the most intricate corners of the city. September vibrates Art here.

In that conglomerate of ways of doing the roots are poured with what we have been bequeathed by Europeans, Asians and other regions, printing an air of universality that motivates. All this and much more comes to life in those days, a space where Colombians have been able to learn and know, for fifteen years what is being done in the world, in creative contemporaneity, with young people and also with teachers who have conformed the way, then, they meet in the important galleries represented, cardinal names of the international artistic epic, and ArtBo has been its catalyst at this time, to be able to play closely, every year, the best of the universal art that has brought to home. ArtBo has managed to have a specialized regular audience, made up of collectors, gallery owners, curators and art critics, they also come with the intention of being aware of the latest art trends in Colombia, Latin America and other parts of the world.

But ArtBo 2019 is much wider, when along the way, in addition to the central sample of the galleries, other areas are added. With sections such as Proyectos (in which several galleries show the work of a single artist each), Referentes  (catalog of attitudes); Sitio (with works that are intended to stimulate the perception of the viewer; Foro (a space to reflect aloud); Articularte (a space whose dynamics revolve around the action and intervention of those who visited it); ArteCámara, Libro de Artista (section that brings together proposals that see in the book a means to disseminate artistic content), as well as the area of ​​ Publicaciones. Here Arte por Excelencias is present along with other outstanding Colombian and international magazines, and others belonging to institutions, museums ..., that make the fair a rainbow of visuality and criteria. We will talk about the participation of our magazine in another article.

On the cover: María Paz Gaviria, ARTBO director, opens the 2019 edition.