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Factoría Habana and its Intersections at the XIII Biennial
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Factoría Habana and its Intersections at the XIII Biennial

For the development of its curatorial concepts, Factoría Habana often uses more than one exhibition project. Such is the case of the announced trilogy In itínere that would be integrated by the samples Convergencias, Divergencias: paradigma líquido y Conexiones, of which only the first two were made in the second half of last year.

Hence, some have been surprised this Friday with the opening in the official program of the XIII Havana Biennial of Intersections, also curated by Dr. Concha Fontenla, director-founder of that institution belonging to the Office of the City Historian.

In the dialectic of any creative process, the emergence of the new project rests, along with the designers Gonzalo Córdoba and Luis Ramírez, protagonists of Convergencias; and Rafael Villares, author of the Diver Divergencias pieces; 11 other Cuban artists; four Mexicans and two Africans.

The impact that the 2018 exhibitions had on the public, motivated the three creators were now invited to participate in the sample prepared for the habanera event, according to Arte por Excelencias, Concha Fontenla, who defined her most recent work:

"Intersecciones, as the term says, try to establish relationships, points of union between differences. 

Respecting the differences or understanding that we are or should be different, the languages ​​of conceptual roots of the Cuban artists of the ground floor were selected; as the relationships between crafts, architecture and technology, on the first floor; as the problems of contemporary Africa in the second. And also among themselves, between the different levels of the exhibition there are meeting points ".


Factoría Habana


For the plant presented to the Nigerian Ayọ Akínwándé and the Senegalese Athi-Patra Ruga, the curator requested the collaboration of two colleagues specialized in the contemporary problems of the so-called black continent: Cape Verdean Isabel Moura and Natalia Palombo, from the United Kingdom.

In a kind of immense burial mound or place of burials, made with the debris left by the tornado that affected in January several towns in Havana, consists the piece of Akínwándé; while from Athi-Patra Ruga the video of a performance that deals with the issue of homosexuality in Africa of these times is shown.


Factoría Habana


"For me the interest was to incorporate what is happening there and now. There are two countries, Nigeria and Senegal that have been obligated issuers; but issuers, after all, of our cultural roots”, he explained.

On the Cuban side, works by Alexandre Arrechea, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Marco A. Castillo, Antonio E. Fernández (Tonel), Carlos Garaicoa, Dagoberto Rodríguez, Fernando Rodríguez, Gustavo Pérez Monzón, Clara Porset and the. National Plastic Arts Prize José A. Toirac also participate in Intersections; to which are added those of the Mexicans Andrés Klimek and Sergio Donis, Amor Muñoz and Lucila Aguilar.

"We thought that, given the experience gained in these other three, the exhibition that remained below, Conexiones, it is better to come later. Actually, these Convergencias, Divergencias e Intersecciones, give us thousands of connections; not to establish disciplinary barriers, to be able to work collectively; something we know how to do so well in this country."

Dr. Concha Fontenla concludes, as reaffirming the experimental and multidisciplinary vocation of Factoría Habana, for congratulations on these days of the XIII Biennial.