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The Grand Hotel Manzana Kempinski opens its doors to the XIII Biennial of Havana
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The Grand Hotel Manzana Kempinski opens its doors to the XIII Biennial of Havana

In keeping with the intention expressed by some of its directors to make the Grand Hotel Manzana Kempinski a cultural center, in the luxurious building will be located from April 11 New lights for a city, collective project inserted in the collateral samples of the XIII Biennial of Havana.

From the National Prize for Plastic Arts 2017, Eduardo Roca Salazar (Choco), who recently exhibited his work there, to the young Osy Milián, the group of guest artists who also make up The-Merger, Duvier del Dago, Mabel Poblet, Adislén Reyes and Onay Rosquet, enjoys in its entirety a prestige that exceeds the borders of the Island.

According to the curator of the exhibition, the art critic Virginia Alberdi, the pieces will be located in different transit spaces of the central tourist facility, with a view to a better appreciation of them by customers and visitors.

"At the entrance of the Hotel there will be two sculptures from Choco. Below, in the History Room, there will be a show with a work by each artist. That will be the only space in which all will coincide, so that there is a more comprehensive view of the participants.

In the lobby bar on the second floor, except Choco will all be exhibited; and on the sixth floor, where the pool is located, will be Duvier del Dago with that wonderful job he does with the threads. There will also be sculptures by The-Merger and an installation by Osy Milián, who also brings some paintings to the exhibition.

Outside of what the Hotel is, in the commercial part, there will be around eight precious penetrable of Mabel Poblet, of which in other spaces installations and paintings will be exhibited ".

About the expressions of the visual arts present in this exhibition, the director of the gallery Villa Manuela pointed out that Choco will also be represented with a picture; Adislén Reyes, with drawings on fractured paper; meanwhile a hyperrealist painting of Onay Rosquet was included.

Although the sample sponsored by ArteMorfosis. Cuban Art Gallery will be open from April 11, the official opening will happen three days later at 8:00 pm, time in which some of the exhibited pieces reach their greatest splendor, according to the curator.