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Mendive in Acacia Gallery: an event at the Havana Biennial
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Mendive in Acacia Gallery: an event at the Havana Biennial

From the 1st Biennial of Havana, where with a plastic action he won the Prize of the Gallery Latin American Space of Paris, the participation of Manuel Mendive (Havana, 1944) has always been among the most impressive of all that take place in the great event of contemporary art, ready to celebrate its thirteenth edition from April 12 to May 12 next.

Of "cultural affair to which this artist has accustomed us", has qualified Darys Vázquez, specialist of Acacia Gallery, the proposal that will leave inaugurated there in the afternoon of April 15 the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2001.

Si Dios y Eleggua quieren, todo es posible (If God and Eleggua want, everything is possible), is the title of the personal exhibition that, as part of the central nucleus of the Biennial, will be presented by Mendive in the space of the Genesis company. Art Galleries, which will be preceded minutes before by the Los Abrazos performance, scheduled to take place in Parque Central.

According to the specialist, the Orchestra of Chamber Nuestro Tiempo, directed by maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa, will be specially invited to the plastic action. Quiéreme mucho, a song by the great Cuban composer Gonzalo Roig, will accompany the performance of the seven dancers with whom the painter will make this body art.

"The performance will make a link with the Gallery for the opening of the exhibition, which will integrate both sculptural objects, as paintings and projections with different moments of Mendive's work, especially in performance and happening.

I think the exhibition will be an experience that will be related to other Biennials and events in which this artist has participated and interacted with the people, with the city, with the street and has created that link between the popular and the cult, so characteristic in him ", added Darys Vázquez when referring to the imminent proposal of who is considered one of the great masters of contemporary Cuban art.

As a collateral to the project he will present with Manuel Mendive, Acacia Gallery has conceived, with a view to the XIII Biennial of Havana, the realization of the Open Studio of artists René Francisco, National Prize of Plastic Arts 2010; Lisette Castillo, Inti Hernández, José Ángel Vincench, Frank Mujica, Glexis Novoa and Alejandra González, all belonging to his payroll.