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Forty years for cinema and cultural dialogue
EventsFestival de cine de La Habana

Forty years for cinema and cultural dialogue

The International Festival of New Latin American Film celebrates its fortieth edition will be celebrated from 6 to 16 of December 2018. Almost half a century of existence bases its historical and cultural significance as a permanent meeting platform for film professionals in the continent.

On this occasion about three hundred and fifty films of almost eighteen hundred enrolled will be displayed.
With the slogan "20/20 a los 40", the graphic campaign -produced by the creative team Nocturnal- officially presented on September 7, offers a casual nod to how cinema improves the view.

The Festival dedicates this year its tribute to Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, one of the highest exponents of Cuban film internationally, because in the 40th year of the event, the 90th birthday of Titón is celebrated.

The realization of a panel dedicated to the festival in its forty years completes the theoretical program of this edition.