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An interesting year for Urvanity Art
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An interesting year for Urvanity Art

From February 28 to March 3, Urvanity Art returns, the first Spanish fair dedicated to new contemporary art, a space where collectors and fans can admire and acquire a carefully curated selection of urban art.

Coinciding with the Art Week, more than twenty national and international galleries specializing in post graffiti, surreal pop or new pop art will converge on the Coam Stadium (Hortaleza 63, Madrid), including the emblematic StolenSpace Gallery (United Kingdom), Wunderkammern (Italy), RuArts (Russia) and the Spanish My Name's Lolita Art, Yusto / Giner and SC Gallery.

Arte por Excelencias, media partner of the event since its inception, talks to its director, Sergio Sancho, about this third edition.

What's new in the International Fair of Urban Art in 2019?

This year we have taken a further step to strengthen this project with the launch of the Special Curated Program, a program of activities curated by an independent committee that includes three sections: only shows, specific installations and murals both inside and outside the venue.

The committee is composed of Sabina Chagina (co-founder of the Artmossphere Contemporary Urban Art Biennial, in Moscow), Sergio Pardo (architect and curator) and Juan Peiró (doctor of Fine Arts and University Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Polytechnic of Valencia.

How many galleries and artists participate?

This year we have twenty-three participating galleries, with more than eighty artists. Many of them repeat, as do some artists; however, there are many novelties in terms of artists: names like D * Face, Jan Kalab, Miss Van, Grip Face who participated in the previous edition, and incorporations of the legendary Dan Witz and Logan Hicks.

After two editions, what is the national and international impact of the Fair?

On a national level, I think we started to make a dent in the art week. We begin to see it as a complementary proposal to what had been done so far, which is, in a way, the reason for our birth. At the international level we are making a name, especially after some projects we have made this year outside our borders.

The Fair has become a platform that works all year. How did you do it?

From the first moment we knew that the Fair had to go further. It could not be a watertight project, which would work only for one week a year. That is why, from Urvanity Projects, we generate content for the rest of the year that adds value to artists and galleries.

How does the Fair favor this connection with large companies such as Tuenti, Iberia or Swatch?

I think it's a way to be in contact with artists all year long, try to generate projects with them, that give them visibility and help them grow in their careers. These companies provide the possibility of making these projects viable, which, without the necessary financing, would not be possible. In short, I think it's a way to create value for both.

Since its inception, the Fair brings urban art to public spaces. Now also to the Spanish Faculties of Fine Arts. What does Urvanity bring to this link with universities, and vice versa?

For us the Tuenti project and the universities is something very special. It allows connecting the academic circuit with the professional circuit. Young people are given the opportunity to be involved in a project that gives them visibility from the base. In addition, it is a way to create a network and a fabric with the bunch of incredible professionals that have passed during the two editions that we have.

What has been the reception of these workshops in Fine Arts? And the call for your students to exhibit at the Fair?

The workshops and portfolios viewings have been the most demanded activities. It is a unique opportunity to be able to work with first class artists hand in hand. For artists it is also very rewarding to share these experiences. We have not closed the deadline yet, but we hope to reach some one hundred projects registered. In the next weeks the lucky ones of this edition will be known.

On the threshold of its third edition, what are the challenges for the future of Urvanity?

There is still much to do, we are far from fulfilling all the dreams and projects that we have in mind; 2019 is going to be an interesting year with projects that will have to talk.


Photos: @yricardo