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ZONAMACO announces 2020 Edition

ZONAMACO announces 2020 Edition

ZⓈONAMACO announces that its applications for the 2020 edition are now open, as well as the merge of its four fairs: ZⓈONAMACO MÉXICO ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, ZⓈONAMACO DISEÑO, ZⓈONAMACO FOTO and ZⓈONAMACO SALÓN.

For the first time, the four ZⓈONAMACO fairs will simultaneously and independently occur in Centro Citibanamex from February 5 to 9, 2020 during the 'ZⓈONAMACO Art Week', enriching the experience for visitors and collectors, enhancing national and international focus in Mexico City. This is how this fair platform reaffirms itself as the main art promoter in Mexico and Latin America.

Furthermore, ZⓈONAMACO MÉXICO ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO is proud to announce that its Main Section will be reorganized, making way for Foro: a new section created to promote 'mid-career' galleries. ZⓈONAMACO welcomes Anna Goetz (Switzerland, 1984), independent critic & curator, who will be in charge of Foro.

The applications to participate in ZⓈONAMACO 2020 will be open from starting today and until July 8, 2019.



The biggest section of the fair presents leading international galleries with top-quality pieces in different media–painting, prints and editions, sculpture, installation, video, and new media–by the most representative contemporary artists in the global scene.

Selection Committee:
Ben Loveless – Nordenhake Gallery, Berlin/Stockholm/Mexico City.
Inés López Quesada – Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara/Madrid.
Fernando Mesta – House of Gaga, Los Angeles/Mexico City.

ZⓈONAMACO also welcomes three new members to the Committee:
Tina Kim – Tina Kim Gallery, New York City.
Teófilo Cohen – PROYECTOSMONCLOVA, Mexico City.
Juan Eyheremendy – Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo.


The section will present artistic practices that, as the title suggests, aim to change frameworks. Rather than focusing on the time-based definition of “new,” this section will showcase work by artists that points towards imaginative and experimental ways of living and thinking.

Curator: For the second year, José Esparza Chong Cuy (Mexico, 1984), Executive Director & Chief Curator at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, will be in charge of this section.


For 2020 aims to reflect the movement of broadening art historical narratives that has gained momentum in the new millennium. Over the past 20 years, artistic canons have been increasingly reviewed and expanded to embrace practices that have been systematically overlooked by the mainstream circuit due to geographical location, race or gender. The next edition of ZMS will focus on the work of mostly renowned Latin American female, non-binary and queer artists, bringing together both historical and contemporary practitioners who directly or indirectly address gender issues in their work.

Curator: For the third year, Kiki Mazzucchelli (Brazil, 1972), independent curator, will be in charge of this section.


For the eighth time, this section shows historic pieces by international artists and provides an outlook on different genres, as well as emblematic pieces mainly created during the 20th century.

Curators: ZⓈONAMACO welcomes Daniel Garza Usabiaga (Mexico, 1975), independent curator & theorist, and Alma Ruiz (Guatemala, 1950), Senior Fellow at the Sotheby's Institute of Art/Claremont Graduate University & independent curator, who will be in charge of this section for the first time.


This new section is defined by an open structure, aiming to bring different voices in dialogue and foster new forms of collaboration between galleries to present their artists, based on thematic or formal connections, and also to allow more ambitious presentations. The architecture of the section is developed based on an open field, and at the same time for each gallery presentation individually. 

The title for the 2020 edition OPEN RELATIONSHIPS broadens the idea of rethinking established dynamics in the art system towards a reconsideration of traditional mechanisms and structures in our everyday defining our way of acting and thinking.

Curator: For the first time, Anna Goetz (Switzerland, 1984), independent curator & critic, joins ZⓈONAMACO and will be in charge of this new section.


This fair is curated by Cecilia León de la Barra and consists of furniture, jewelry, textiles, everyday and decorative objects, as well as limited editions and historic pieces.

Director: Cecilia León de la Barra (Mexico, 1975), Director of ZⓈONAMACO Diseño & independent curator.


This section presents ancient, modern, and contemporary photography with a selection of the most representative galleries worldwide, selected by an appointed committee.

Selection Committee:
Henrique Faria – Henrique Faria Fine Arts, New York City.
Patricia Conde – Patricia Conde Galería, Mexico City.


For the third year, ZⓈONAMACO SOLO will present individual projects of artists represented by galleries. This section's approach is based on the following reflection:

In the context of over-saturation of images that we consume day by day: what can be the response or situation to be proposed to pursue a different view, a selected and selective view, that is not only linked to consumption, but is also active and reflective? What can a new view be about and which are the images that can promote and represent it?

Curator: For the third year, Johann Mergenthaler (Mexico 1990), Creative Director of the publication HUUN & Creative Director of Fashion Week Mexico, will be in charge of this section.


This space will be dedicated to the exhibition, promotion, and sale of exclusive antiques, decorative arts, folk art, furniture, as well as other design objects and artifacts produced before 1960.

Selection Committee:
Daniel Liebsohn – Daniel Liebsohn Antigüedades y Excentricidades, Mexico City.
Ottavio Freggia – Safra Antigüedades, Miami/Barcelona.
Mario Uvence – Mario Uvence Antiques & Fine Arts, San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Evaluation Committee:
Juan Manuel Corrales – Coordinator of the Certification Program in Cultural Management & Communication of the UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School.
Leonor Cortina – Researcher & Specialist in applied arts.


Starting in 2020, ZⓈONAMACO Libros will expand, becoming a special area that will offer specialized books on art and photography.