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Celebrated in Havana National Design and Design Management Awards 2019

Celebrated in Havana National Design and Design Management Awards 2019

The National Design Award 2019 was delivered this Sunday to Dr. Sergio Peña Martínez, director of the Higher Institute of Industrial Design, in recognition of his professional performance in this discipline, since his graduation with a Gold Title more than three decades ago in that own high studies center; as well as in the formation of new promotions of Cuban designers.

The above was known at the closing of the capital segment of the Second Havana Design Biennial, where the National Design Management Award 2019 was also presented to Artex SA, a company belonging to the Ministry of Culture, which is in charge of the promotion and marketing of the art that is produced on the Island.

As reflected in the minutes of the jury, this distinction is due to "the systematic work carried out by this entity in the management of the Design activity with a mixed scheme, based on the commitment and conviction of its senior management, a clear definition of its development and a wide implementation of the design in the wide variety of spaces, products and services ".

Both acknowledgments are delivered every two years by the National Design Office, prior call to the different institutions that are distinguished by the use of this tool. In the case of the PND, it is granted for the ninth time; while the PNGD is delivered for the fifth time.

Since its inauguration on the 20th, the II Biennial of Design of Havana conducted numerous events in the capital, including the theoretical seminars that were held at the Hispano-American Cultural Center, where the Design Management Honorary Award 2019 was presented to Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of the City, in attention to his sustained effort in the conservation of our heritage values.

The Italian Design Day was also celebrated, the number 6 of the magazine La Tiza was presented and several exhibitions were inaugurated, standing out the one of the French schools Boulle and Duperré, in the French Alliance, and the one titled Form ... beyond the form !!!!!, at the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba.

From May 30 to June 2, BDHabana will move its headquarters to the city of Santiago de Cuba; while from the 13th to the 16th of next month it will be held in Camagüey. It will also host the X International Congress Form 2019 from June 4 to 7 in the Havana Convention Center.

Convened and organized by the National Design Office under the concept Beyond the form, the event, which has been attended by delegates from various countries, is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Havana and the centenary of the mythical Bauhaus School.


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