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CPGA. Paris Gallery Weekend 2021

CPGA. Paris Gallery Weekend 2021

With 127 participating galleries, the 2021 edition of Paris Gallery Weekend is an invitation to discover the astonishing vitality and diversity of the Parisian art scene. On the program are 38 openings and 138 exhibitions, including 95 solo shows and 43 group exhibitions, which are all free to visit and bear testament to the post-confinement resurgence of the gallery sector.

With the notable participation of 12 major galleries newly settled in Paris since October 2019, the extensive offer includes 38 solo shows by women artists and more than 30 exhibitions dedicated to young French and international artists, 25 exhibitions dedicated to the masters of modern and contemporary art and about 15 exhibitions focusing on the emerging African and Arab scenes.



JUNE 3-6, 2021