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Cuba starting point of world music

Cuba starting point of world music

The eighteenth edition of the Fiesta del Tambor (Drum Festival) began yesterday its concerts at the Karl Marx Theater with Sabian - Cubaplus night and Kosa Music space in which Cuban, Spanish and American musicians joined because "Cuba is the starting point of world music" as Juan Carmona, a member of the Ketama group, said.

In a press conference before Carmona added that: "Cuba was its first goal in the tour after its reunification, after 15 years. What better place? We have lived a lot of son, salsa and Cuban art". He also reaffirmed that for his group it was a priority to come, since Ketama feels like a gypsy, part flamenco and part Cuban music. On percussion, Carmona also confirmed that "it is the rhythm of life, without it you lose the warmth and the joy of living".

As announced by the musician, the program of the Fiesta del Tambor is "a great musical soup to enjoy flamenco and Cuban music" and thanks to it they will fulfill their wishes to share the stage - which they described as an honor - with the Cubans Alain Pérez and Klimax as well as the Spanish cajonero "Piranha" (Israel Suárez).

In turn, "Piranha" had expressed to the press, hours before the concert that "Cuba is a country with a lot of music per square meter" and reported that he is recording four songs for his album in production.

The essence of this edition of the Fiesta del Tambor dedicated to Spain is the result of that cultural ajiaco that unites both countries and that, according to international producer Jorge Alfaro Hoys, "it's so good" with that merger between Klimax and Ketama; Issac and Cigala, Alain Pérez and El Piraña among other unique moments that will present us this party where percussion is the reason and Cuban music the essence.